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Guard Your Small Business from the Hackers Stealing Your Passwords

Avoid being a victim of a hacker – and not even knowing it! We’ll alert you when we find your stolen passwords being sold by hackers online, plus train and test your staff to stop giving away the keys to your kingdom. With Password Watchdog at your back, you can stop hackers before a little stolen password becomes a major data breach.

Enterprise-Level Protection at Small Business Prices

ID Agent

Password Watchdog is powered by IDAgent, the #1 dark web monitoring platform for serving small businesses like you. Fueled by enterprise-grade intelligence software, Password Watchdog alerts you to stolen passwords so you can act proactively before you end up facing fines, lawsuits, and lost business due to a cyber attack.

Supported by Our Experienced IT Team

Get protection without getting bogged down in the details. Password Watchdog is a service provided through our team at EZComputer Solutions (a division of EZSolution). With over 20 years of experience in IT support, we’ll make it easy and hassle-free to get set up.

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Retail $249

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  • Know When Your Passwords Are Being Stolen
  • Test Phish Your Staff to Identify Weak Links
  • Train Them to Be Your Best Defense