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How Password Watchdog Guards Your Business

1. Detect Stolen Passwords

Hacking is a big business, so when hackers get your passwords or other credentials, they sell them on hidden sites online known as the Dark Web. Password Watchdog uses sophisticated intelligence software to monitor the dark web and hacker sites 24/7 to find your stolen passwords.

We’ll scan for all credentials connected to your business email addresses and alert you before your stolen passwords turn into a major data breach.

2. Test Phish Your Staff

Phishing emails try to trick you into giving away sensitive information like your usernames, passwords, and credit cards. They’re one of hackers’ favorite tools, and even your smartest employees can fall victim to them.

With Password Watchdog, we’ll send simulated phishing emails to test your staff and identify who needs additional training to keep you safe.

3. Educate & Train

Like it or not, your people are your biggest cybersecurity liability. 90% of security breaches are caused by human error. In other words, your employees are inadvertently clicking on things they shouldn’t be.

Password Watchdog trains your employees to be your best defense, rather than your weakest links. We’ll send out quick tips and training videos to educate your team about cybersecurity and how to keep themselves and your business safe.

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